Flushing CSA Winter Share 2019-2020

Flushing CSA Winter Share 2019 – 2020 sign up starts now! 

Major change this winter season – The CSA will go with a new farm Garden of Eve as Golden Earthworm will not be providing a winter share to the Queens CSAs.

Garden of Eve Farm offers a great customizable variety of shares. You can even pick more or less of the veggies you want each time! Share sign-up is online with Garden of Eve.
See below for details.

Flushing CSA application is attached.

Hope to see you for the winter season with our new farm!
The Core Team FlushingCSAWinter2019_2020..docx

Garden of Eve Organic Farm Available for Winter Share at Flushing CSA

Flushing CSA 2019-2020 Winter Season with The Garden of Eve Organic Farm

Sign-up is now open! Application is attached / available at the November pick ups / on the CSA Facebook and website

THURSDAY pick-ups for winter: 12/5, 12/19, 1/9, 2/6, 3/5, 4/2 and 4/30

Pick up time: 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm

Pick up location:  Flushing Town Hall at 137-35 Northern Blvd, Flushing (basement next to loading dock)

Available shares: vegetable, fruit, eggs, meat, dairy, bread, beer, plants (in April)

Register online and pay by credit card in full or in 3 e-check paymentsSelect a smaller (“Personal”) box with fewer vegetablesOpportunity to customize your share each timePut a hold on your share if you go on vacationFill out and sign the attached Flushing CSA Membership Agreement

Each member needs to pay a $15.00 administration fee to Flushing CSA – check or PayPal  payment (cash or credit card in person) payable to “Flushing CSA” fee before or by the last pickup November 26th

Each CSA member is asked to volunteer 2 hours for the season  

Sign up online with the Garden of Eve Organic Farm:  gardenofevefarm.com  

Garden of Eve share selection / ordering due by November 15th  csa.farmigo.com/join/gardenofevefarm/winterspring20192020

For more information, contact:
Flushing CSA – flushingcsa@gmail.com or call 646-801-4021
Or speak to your Core Team at the pick ups 

Spread the word about our CSA to your friends … We welcome you to our CSA! 

Flushing CSA Core Team
Winter Share Application Forms in Word, PDF, and PNG File Formats

Flushing CSA(646) 801-4021

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