Flushing CSA (Week 14) Update!

We thought we had a weather reprieve, but also heat and rain, again. But at least this week’s box is the perfect Labor Day weekend ingredients: salsa, potato salad, and/or tossed salad are great easy options for end of summer parties, or relaxing at home.
A couple of important things ….. read below.
IMPORTANT NOTE ON CHERRY TOMATOES!  The farm is sending everyone a full pound of cherry tomatoes this week! Please note that while they have tried to sort through them, there are just too many to go through individually and some may be past their prime.  We ask that you please remove any over-ripe tomatoes and know that the farm is sending everyone extras to compensate for a few potentally bad ones.  If you receive a lot that are over-ripe, please let the farm know and they will send you some replacements next week.
Fruit Shares for those that get them
Thank you to last week’s volunteers!
A call out to our members who have not yet signed up or who are able to put in additional time beyond the four-hour commitment this week or in the next coming weeks.
And remember, we will sign “community service” forms for high school students if they volunteer with us.
This week’s volunteers are:
Additional first shift volunteer needed
1st shift: Sue, Larry (supervisor)
2nd shift: Angela, Eustacia, Dionne (supervisor)
If you Share:
Reminder: If you have a share partner and are away or not able to pick-up your share, please reach out to them so they can have first dibs on taking the full share.
If you can’t make it:
Please let us know if you can’t pick up your share. You can call, email, text, FB message – we’ll get it. This allows us to better manage everyone’s time.
No on-site vendor this week
No Lewis Waite delivery this week
Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and share your photos and recipes!
Your Core Team:
Caroline, Dionne, Emily, John, Judy and Larry

In the Shares… (please note, the contents are subject to change/substitution)

Sungold Cherry Tomatoes – (Please see above and help us to sort out the few over-ripe ones that may be in your share.  Thank you!) Also known as tomato candy they’re so sweet!  Ready to eat when fully yellow!
Storage: On the counter.  Uses: Raw/Cooked  When to use: Now!Red Tomatoes – The secret to a good tomato is letting it ripen!  This variety needs to sit out on your counter (in a dry spot) until the flesh turns a deep red all over.  Then eat.  DO NOT REFRIGERATE TOMATOES!  It will cause the flesh to become mealy and the flavor to disappear.  
Storage: On the counter.  Uses: Raw/Cooked  When to use: When they are a deep red all over.

Scallions – Great sliced in salads or grilled whole!
Storage: In airtight storage in the refrigerator. Uses: Raw/Cooked When to use: Within 5 days.  

Long Green Peppers – These are great in salads, stuffed or sautéed with onions.  Very versatile!  We harvest some in their green stage, and others we leave on the plant until they turn red.  
Storage: In airtight storage in the refrigerator. Uses: Raw/Cooked When to use: Within 5 days.  

Yellow Storage Onions – Our storage onions will last if you leave them on the counter in a dry spot, but I would recommend using them now while they’re still juicy and fresh inside.  
Storage: On the counter. Uses: Raw/Cooked When to use: Within 5 days.  

Yukon Gold Potatoes –  Waxy variety that holds up well when cooked.
Storage: In a cool (not cold), dark place. Uses: Cooked When to use: Within 2 weeks. Red Batavian Lettuce – Crunchy and flavorful for summertime salads.
Storage: In airtight storage in the refrigerator. Uses: Raw When to use: Within 3 days.  




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