Flushing CSA: Third winter share pick-up tomorrow – February 8th

We hope everyone has been staying both warm and healthy – helped by some hearty soups and stews with the veggies from your share!
Third winter share pick-up tomorrow – February 8th
This month’s share will be similar to last month’s only with more of the root vegetables to make those soups and stews.
Apple (1 bag) and Apple Cider (1 bottle) shares for those who get them.
There is also a Lewis Waite delivery tomorrow so be sure to remember to tell your volunteers to give you your order.
This month’s volunteers are:   ​​
Shift 1 (5:15-6:30 PM)
Caroline Lane and Kate Feuer
Shift 2 (6:30-7:45 PM)
Linda Liu and Judy Chang
Thank you to Nora Gamer who kindly volunteered for the early shift on Jan 11th.
2018 Season Sign-up
We recently sent out the email and posted on fb and our website the early sign-up information for the 2018 full season. For your convenience the Membership Agreements are attached and we will have copies available at Thursday’s pick-up. At the pick-up you may pay in cash, by check, credit card  or with PayPal.
Members signed up before March 1st will be able to choose preferred dates for volunteering.
And as in the past, if the cost of CSA membership is a financial burden, please reach out to us about our confidential price reduction.
SAVE THE DATE! The Flushing CSA annual Meet the Farmers event will be Sunday, March 18th from 2:00 – 6:00 pm at the Quaker Meetinghouse. It will be an exciting event that will include a screening of the documentary “Farmers for America”. You won’t want to miss it! Details will be sent at a later date. Follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. We can also use some volunteers to help with various tasks – set-up, greeters, refreshments, closing up or you may want to do something you’re interested in. Please let us know.
Upcoming Events
Lunar New Year – Year of the Dog Events
In the shares  (May be subject to slight change)
For more farm news and info on the veggies in your share go to the blog at Golden Earthworm Farm

CarrotsRutabaga , Potatoes Red Beets Sweet Potatoes , Celery Root Leeks  

BRIERMERE FARM APPLE SHARE – Jonagold, Golden Delicious, Cameo


Braised Leeks with Lemon
10 Ideas for Celeriac – Bon Appetite
Roasted Carrots with Parsley and Thyme
Honey Roasted Sweet Potatoes
Root Vegetable Galette
Celery Root Soup
 (Back by popular demand!)

From the farm….

Forget the groundhog.  The days are certainly getting longer and we start seeding in the greenhouse in about 3 weeks, so I’m just going to go ahead and plan on spring coming soon.  Until then, we have lots of delicious winter veggies to fill up your kitchen, your table, and your bellies.  I’ve been supplementing our own produce at the grocery store this winter and it’s pretty depressing,  Everything looks limp, lifeless and sad.  What a difference when I opened up the winter share box this afternoon!  Even though these root veggies have been stored in our coolers for the past few months, they are so full of vibrancy, color and nutrition.  They’re also bursting with flavor!  My week’s menu includes celeriac soup, sweet potato pie, rutabaga & root veg galette, juiced carrots and beets and hash browns.  What are you guys making?  Post your recipes and tips on our Members Facebook page and follow along on our Instagram feed to see what we’re cooking here in the farmhouse kitchen.  Bon appetite!


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