Flushing CSA (Week 11)!

We hope you enjoyed the corn! The hits keep coming. If you haven’t already seen the notes from our farmers, please know if you ever get damaged, rotten, or infested produce, you can send an email directly to info@goldenearthworm.com and they will replace it.
We want to thank our volunteers and site supervisors last week for a job well done! And thank you and we welcome back our new volunteer intern – Christina Chan.

This week’s volunteers are:

Shift 1 (4:45-6:30 PM)
Larry Leung – Site Supervisor, Nora Gamer, Cherri Herrmann  
Shift 2 (6:30-8:15 PM)
Dionne Rocke – Site Supervisor, Aryana and Joel Anderson
We are still looking for some high school volunteers if you know any teens with a service commitment to fill.

They’re here! Our new CSA tote bags will be available for sale tomorrow. The new bags are half-price –  only $5

​​NOTE: If you’re not planning to buy a bag, please bring a bag with you to take your veggies (and other products) home.

Dairy & egg shares & meat shares:

To those who are getting a meat share, it will be delivered tomorrow – it was confirmed by Goodale Farm. Apologies for any inconvenience.

To those with milk (goat or cow) or egg shares: please bring your [rinsed] milk jars back, as well as your empty egg cartons, so Goodale can re-use them.

Fruit shares:

Fruit shares will continue for those that get them. One bag of peaches/apples per share. For those who requested a replacement for spoiled fruit, you will get it tomorrow.

No vendor this week.

Notes to all:

Please remember to sign in! Occasionally a volunteer is distracted and forgets to insist, please try to remember yourself. Signing also reminds everyone exactly what you get which streamlines the process.

And please let us know if you can’t pick up your share. We will do our best to work out a plan for an alternate pick up time for you, but even if you definitely are forfeiting, please just drop a line (email, text, phone call, Facebook message, etc). We cannot hold/save your share for you if we do not hear from you by 7:59 – and yes we do check email and answer the phone all throughout pick-up hours.

Also if you notice anyone wander in off the street looking to buy vegetables, please direct them to the shift coordinator or to the volunteer table where we have flyers explaining what the CSA is, and how we work.

If you are volunteering this week, it is absolutely essential that you read the volunteer directions below. The directions are slightly different than last year, so even seasoned members need to read!


Upcoming Events

Check out our (or Just Food’s) Facebook for some cool upcoming JF events.

This week in the shares: 

Red Potatoes – We’ve decided to not wash the potatoes this week because the extra moisture from the wash water was causing slight deterioration of the flesh.  So please be sure to wash them well at home!
Storage: In an cool, DARK place.  Uses: Cooked. When to use: Within a week.

Sweet Corn – All Tuesday members are receiving their extra 5 ears of corn this week that was not distributed earlier in the season.  See?  We’re keeping careful track and making sure that everyone receives the same quantities by the end of the crop harvest!  Kudos to Leah for keeping all of this straight…she is our farm mathematician!
Storage: Don’t store it — eat it tonight!  If you need to store it, keep it in an airtight (plastic) bag in the refrigerator. OR FREEZE IT!  See above. Uses: Cooked. When to use: Within 2 days.

Zucchini – We’re starting to harvest from our second planting of zucchini, so the quantities will steadily increase again over the next few weeks.  This is the season for zucchini!  If you’d like to store some of it away for later use, try freezing it!
Storage: In an airtight (plastic) bag in the refrigerator. Uses: Cooked. When to use:Within a week.

Walla Walla Onions – These beauties have been drying in our greenhouses for the past few weeks.  Try this week’s recipe for grilled onion salad!
Storage: On the counter Uses: Raw/Cooked When to use: Within a week

Lovelock & Magenta Lettuce – It was not our intention to harvest two heads of lettuce for you this week, but the summer heat has sped up our second planting, which was scheduled for harvest next week.  So we either send out two this week or let the second bolt and rot in the field….  hopefully we made the right decision! Salad for dinner every night of the week and you’ll blow through those 2 heads in no time!
Storage: In an airtight (plastic) bag in the refrigerator. Uses: Raw. When to use: Within a week

Green Beans – ITEM IN ROTATION — Our green beans are ready to harvest for allWednesday members this week!  They are harvested while still pretty small and tender.  My favorite way to prepare them is to steam gently (until bright green – just a few minutes!) and serve with olive oil (or butter) and a sprinkle of sea salt.  Simple and delicious!   Storage: In an airtight (plastic) bag in the refrigerator. Uses:Cooked. When to use: Within 5 days.

Sungold Cherry Tomatoes – ITEM IN ROTATION — The first harvest from our cherry tomato plants.  These are as sweet as sugar.  Enjoy!  Storage: On the counter. Uses:Raw When to use: Now!

Please be sure to remove the fruit from the bag immediately when you get them home.  They should ripen sitting out on a platter or on a dry dish cloth.
Please remember just one bag per fruit share member.
1 bag of Peaches & Zestar Apples (for fruit share members ONLY)

And from the Farm….

It’s transition week on the farm, also known as the “in-between” week!  We’re transitioning out of our mid-summer crops into our late-summer plantings, which means that green beans, tomatoes & peppers will be here soon!  And we say goodbye to the sweet corn until next year….  Please note that we’ll be swimming in tomatoes and green beans shortly.  Until then, you may or may not find them in your shares as we rotate them in and out among the groups.  (You’ll all receive the same by the end of the season…read more below.)

JOIN THE CSA MEMBER GROUP!   Please share your Recipes, Cooking Tips & other ideas for getting the most out of your CSA on our FACEBOOK CSA MEMBERS PAGE!  (It’s a private group.)

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