May on the Farm!

Dear CSA Member,

Please see the May newsletter from our farm, Golden Earthworm. For those members who have not yet joined the CSA but still want to sign-up you have a week to do so. The deadline for sign-up is Thursday, May 25th. Our first pickup is on June 1st, so hurry and send in your application or you’ll miss an entire season of fresh organic farm produce!

NOTE; We have a least one member who needs a share partner so if you’d like to re-join but need to split a share, please let us know.

A few important notices from the farm – see below.
We have launched a new Member Portal on our website.  All important notices and program information can be found on this page.  In case members miss an e-mail or a social media post, everything will be archived here
We have set dates for our U-Pick Strawberries!  Please note that members can come to the farm on any of the open days, but we are reserving the two mid-month Saturdays for select groups only.  NO RESERVATIONS ARE NEEDED THIS YEAR. Please direct your members to this page for full details and an explanation of the free U-Pick quart, etc:  Quickly for your reference (and for buses), June 10th is reserved for Douglaston, Dutch Kills, Flushing, Forest Hills (both sites), Hollis Hills and Hunters Point CSAs.
Stay tuned for the first newsletter which will you will receive on Wednesday, May 31st. It will have all the information you need for the first pick-up, Thursday, June 1st. Looking forward to seeing new members and returning members. See you then!
Caroline, Dionne, Emily, John, Judy and Larry
The Core Team


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Subject: May on the Farm!

A note from your farmers…
May on the Farm…
Hello friends!!!

[Please note!  This e-mail is going out to our full mailing list – current members, past members, those of you who have signed up for our mailing list on our website, etc!  If you’d like to unsubscribe, please do so below. No hard feelings, we know how crowded inboxes can get…]

We’re just about a month away from the start of our CSA farm share program!  We’re excited to embark on our 21st season growing for you.  In a crowded food marketplace, we stand out as a reliable, transparent and healthy source of food for you and your family.  Why?  Because we are not a produce delivery company.  We are the farmers!  Everything is grown by us on our Long Island family farm with love and care, washed, boxed up and delivered to your neighborhood on our own farm trucks within 24 hours of harvest. CSA isn’t just a part of what we do here on the farm…it’s the only thing we do.

Since our early days of farming (way back when it was totally uncool in the early 1990’s), our mission has been to feed our community the freshest, healthiest Certified Organic produce at a fair price.  At around $22 a week per share, our program is proof that eating organic doesn’t have to cost a fortune!  We have always invested in tools and technology to help us produce more food more efficiently.  And by selling directly to you without a middleman, those efficiencies and costs savings are passed along to you.  Win-win!

“Food with integrity,” as one member puts it.  “Knowing that the farmer growing your food has dedicated their life to the work of nurturing people, communities and the land make it all taste even better. ”  We couldn’t agree more.

We invite you to become a more engaged participant in your food system by connecting with our farm through the CSA, eating fresh from the soil and learning about the land that sustains us.  Members are invited to the farm for tours and U-Pick strawberries every Saturday in June.  (Current CSA farm share members only!)

– Maggie, Farmer Matt, Galen, Zinny & the crew
CSA deliveries begin the week of May 29th!
If you’ve already signed up for 2017, thank you so much!
If not, or if you know someone who would like to participate, there’s still time to join!

Visit our website for an online application form.

The strawberries are in bloom!  This is one of our earlier varieties that will be ready for U-Pick the first weekend in June!  Our U-Pick is open to all current members throughout the month of June.
This is Farmer Matt out in field 4 turning in cover crop. We use advanced tillage techniques that do not disturb the integrity of the soil.  You won’t find us using old-school plows which flip up the soil and destroy the biological activity and soil structure.  We are always looking for ways to farm in a more ecological way.  Healthy soil makes for healthy plants and building soil is at the “root” of that effort.
(Sorry, no pun intended.)
Here we are cutting up seed potatoes.  This is an early red skin/white flesh variety called Colorado Rose.  Did you know that it takes a potato to grow a potato?  Each piece that we plant will grow into a plant and produce 3-5 pounds of potatoes.
Transplanting collards before the rain.  It’s been a tricky spring trying to schedule field work around the rainy days.  When it rains, it usually takes 2 or 3 days for the fields to dry out enough to get in with tractors.  That’s ok, though.  There is plenty of farm work that needs to be done indoors.  (Like paperwork, fixing machinery, greenhouse seeding and setting up the new plumbing in our washing room.)
Here’s Orlando applying fertilizer to our fields before the wind picked up early Tuesday morning. This is sulphate of potash, one of the fertilizers we use. Known as “plant medicine” it provides potassium and sulphur to boost plant health. Healthy plants ➡ healthy produce ➡ healthy people.
Newly transplanted lettuce seedlings.  They look small, but they’ll be ready by the first CSA delivery!
Boxes are going to start rolling off our packing line the week of May 29th.  Mark your calendars!  What can you expect in the first shares of the season?  We have arugula, radishes, lettuce, bok choi and other early summer specialties on the schedule…
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