Last Day to Sign Up for Winter Shares!

Hello CSA members,
The next to last week of the season is upon us! We want to remind everyone that there is no pick-up next Thursday, November 24 which is Thanksgiving Day. Our last pick-up will be in two weeks, December 1st. We hope you and your families have a Happy Thanksgiving.
Today is the last day for winter share signup! If you would like to join for the winter, please bring your completed contract and payment to today’s pick-up. You can download the contract online or get a copy at the pick-up. We can sign you up on the spot via  credit card (cash or a check).  We will be unable to accept any winter share contracts or payments after today. If you have extenuating circumstances, but would still like to join, email or call us today!
Please note and mark your calendars that last pick up for the summer season is on December 1st, the week after Thanksgiving. We will not have a pick up on Thanksgiving Day. 
Please email or call the CSA with any questions or comments OR speak to a site supervisor (Ralph or Larry) or core member at the pick-up.  Looking forward to seeing you through the winter season!
We want to thank our volunteers and site supervisors last week for a job well done!  

This week’s volunteers are: Cynthia, Ray, Lily, Helen, Susana. The site supervisors are Ralph and Larry.  The HS student volunteers are:  Emily, Vanessa and Tyniece.

Become a core member!  Do you really enjoy being a member of the CSA and want to help out more? Become a core team member! The CSA is looking for new core members for the 2017 season. We need core members to help run the CSA – everything from being volunteer coordinator, site supervisor, to monitoring emails, and some other administrative tasks. If you’re interested, email us or speak to one of the site supervisors – Larry or Ralph.   

From your farmers: 
What’s up with the ugly sweet potatoes? See below for details with the sweet potatoes in this week’s share.
You’ll notice that the contents of the share will fluctuate quite a bit these last few weeks of delivery.  This is because the cold fall nights often leave the fields frosted in the morning and we have to wait until it thaws out to begin harvesting.  We are always exceptionally careful to keep track of who gets what, so that we can balance it out the following week.  We do everything we can to make sure that every member receives the same variety of items by the time we reach the end of the season.

Thank you kindly!
Your Farmer Matt, Maggie & the crew



  • Fruit shares
  • Egg shares  Note the egg share will be a double share
  • Lewis Waite extras including Thanksgiving turkeys 
  • Winter share sign-up The contract is attached (or download it here)
  • Spice Tree organic spices
  • Pick up of pre-ordered tortes for Thanksgiving 

Flower/herb shares shares this week. Please see Maureen’s representative if you did not get your share last week.

Sweet William Torte Shoppe will have your pre-ordered tortes for Thanksgiving.

Pick up your spices from Doaa of Spice Tree Organic Spices.

If you are volunteering this week, it is absolutely essential that you read the volunteer directions below. The directions are slightly different than last year, so even seasoned members need to read!

2016 Volunteer Directions

This week in the shares: 

CarrotsCollards, Bok Choi, Sweet PotatoesBroccoliCauliflower, Radishes

See below for details regarding the sweet potatoes
Last fruit share: Mixed bag of Granny Smith and Red & Golden Delicious Apples


What’s up with the ugly sweet potatoes?

When we dug up our sweet potatoes this year, we were so disappointed to find that nearly all of them had cosmetic damage to their skin.  The insides are perfect, but the outsides are ugly.  We’ve been holding them in our storage coolers trying to figure out what to do with them.  We’re not proud of how they look, but they are perfect to eat and full of nutrition.  We’re including them in the shares this week since we could not allow ourselves to throw them in the compost!  We hope you can look past their ugly exterior and peel the skins to enjoy the goodness within!

Thank you kindly!
Farmer Matt, Maggie & the crew

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