Welcome to the 2015 Season

We are excited to welcome the start of our 2015 season. We’re looking forward to seeing all new and returning members. Our first pickup is Thursday, May 28. As noted in the newsletter you received via email on May 21, the pickup this week will not be at Flushing Town Hall but at the Quaker Meetinghouse, 137-16 Northern Boulevard, across the street from Town Hall. The Meetinghouse is where we hosted the Meet the Farmer event in March. There is a small parking lot but please exercise care whenentering and exiting as the driveway is narrow. We will not be able to use the Flushing Town Hall parking lot for the first week’s pickup. All subsequent pickups will be in the garden area of Flushing Town Hall.

Victor, the owner of S & V Jams, will be at the first pickup. Don’t forget to bring bags or other containers for transporting your vegetables as we must keep the boxes to return to the farmer. We will have canvas Flushing CSA tote bags available for $10.


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